Affiliated GIS


Established in 1948 in Grand Isle, Louisiana, GIS began as a modest company serving the commercial fishing industry. It quickly evolved, entering into the emerging Oil & Gas industry in the Gulf of Mexico. Just as its founders, Clyde and Ouida Pregeant responded to clients’ ever-changing needs, GIS has advanced and diversified to become one of the industry’s most capable and trusted energy partners.

Affiliated GIS Engineering

GIS Engineering

GIS Engineering & Construction is an integrated market-leading engineering and construction services organization delivering flexible, client-focused solutions in all markets. Delivering Value from Concept to Asset Management.

GIS Coastal Design and Infrastructure Division is a full service planning, engineering, design and construction management group delivering quality cost-effective solutions to a variety of public sector clients (Federal, State, and Local government agencies). Our group’s experienced team of professionals and niche services align greatly with the increasing need for coastal protection and restoration, drainage and intermodal infrastructure across the Gulf Coast.

Affiliated MODS


An invaluable division of GIS, MODS Virtual Manager suite of tools allows for automation of otherwise manual project management & control activities. Through every stage of our clients’ projects, Virtual Manager helps to plan, track, manage, and streamline each step to help us deliver:

  • Materials | What You Need
  • Scheduling | When You Need It
  • Quality | Done Right
  • Reduced Cost | On Budget